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SAMBA Installation and Configuration


  1. Install Samba. This service is required to communicate with Active Directory.

  2. Edit your samba configuration (/etc/samba/smb.conf).

  3. Edit your kerberosconfiguration (/etc/krb5.conf).

  4. Edit your nsswitch configuration (/etc/nsswitch.conf).

  5. Enable your service on boot.

  6. Restart samba services.

  7. Reboot your machine.

  8. Join Domain. *the account must member of domain admin (change with your identity).

  9. Test ntlm_auth.


  10. If you receive the above message, you are done with Samba.
  11. Execute setfacl -m u:radiusd:rx winbindd_privileged to allow radius to access the directory

FreeRADIUS + ntlm_auth


  1. Edit mschap configuration (/etc/raddb/modules/mschap).


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